First blog post

Currently, it is 12:25 AM on a Friday. It’s Mardi Gras week, so everyone (myself included) is making plans for the weekend.


Currently, it is 12:25 AM on a Friday. It’s Mardi Gras week, so everyone (myself included) is making plans for the weekend.

The default “first blog post” picture. It’s pretty fitting, so I’m keeping it.

Earlier today, I had a pretty rough conversation with my mom over the phone. I told her that I wasn’t into cello anymore. Like many Asian students, I started the piano at a very young age of 3 and then switched over to the cello in 5th grade. For some time, I played to impress my mom and because I was pretty good at it, and then came a time when I actually enjoyed the cello. But in college, as cliché as it is, I wanted to do something that wasn’t very “me.”

Like high school, I joined the WashU orchestra and volunteered at a music program that taught underprivileged children how to play cello. Don’t get me wrong, I am/will be forever grateful the cello and the opportunities that came along with it, but I’ve gotten so complacent with the cello that it’s just not interesting to me. I am definitely not a great player, but I didn’t have any motivation to want to advance my cello career. So, I told my mom that I wanted to quit. Being in college, I should have been able to make a decision like this on my own, but I’ve invested so much money and time into the cello that I didn’t feel ready to part ways.

Cello has always been my backbone. Most of my high school extracurriculars circulated around the cello. I knew that if I were to get rejected from an organization, I would have music to go back to. However, distancing myself from cello, I would be completely alone with no backup plan. My mom was really supportive and said that I had done enough with the cello to want to try other things. With that, this semester will be my last semester playing the cello.

look at me being all serious after my high school senior concert.

I talk about quitting the cello, because that’s what incited me to start a blog. I had written a few blogs in high school for a web design class but never felt like they really reflected who I am. Now that I’m in college and taking classes that are really interesting to me and getting more involved in organizations that I am passionate about, I am learning more about myself. Starting an official blog is completely different than what I had planned on doing ever and releasing myself to be critiqued by the public is scary; I’ve never really been exposed to vulnerability. My social media sites are always precisely constructed, only putting my best work forward.

I am in no way a great writer. Heck, I didn’t even enjoy writing until I came to college. The immediate gratification that followed my completion of an essay, whether it be good or bad, become so addicting that I wanted to pursue writing even further. So, here I am. I am 19 years old, originally from Seoul, South Korea, moved to Alabama when I was 5, and now live in Atlanta. I attend WashU in St. Louis and am majoring in marketing and econ and strat with a minor in writing. I have a high affinity for avocados, love brushing my teeth (always carry a toothbrush wherever I go), and have little interest in pop culture and would instead jam out to Tchaikovsky.

This is my first blog. I intend on writing every day; this is a promise I want to keep. It’s late. It is now 1:12 AM. The words on the screen are starting to jumble together. Hell, I’m not even going to read this before publishing, so I’m sure I have misspelled words and incorrect punctuation. Whatever. I’m not striving for perfection anyway.

One thought on “First blog post”

  1. When we leave our parents, it’s a bit scary at first, perhaps because we are leaving home, but also because we begin to think and act independently. We are grateful for what they have given us, and our pasts, but it’s also recognizing that we have changed and what we now want. Glad you were able to communicate with your parents about your cello decision and take time to reflect!


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