The Obscurity Surrounding Parents

Hasan said yesterday, “You love your parents…but no one really likes their parents. Like no one wants to actively support their dads run for presidency. It’s like if my dad, a guy who tries to return worn underwear to Costco, ran for president, I’d be like, ‘what are you doing?!'” Obviously, he was talking about Ivanka Trump, a smart progressive lady, supporting her dad, someone who embodies every ideal contradicting hers.

Anyways, the point of today’s post is not to ramble about politics or whatnot. A few days ago, I reached out to Ola Ayeni, founder of eateria which is a restaurant marketing app and service. I didn’t think I would hear back mostly because I am cold-writing him and also because I am a mere first year. Much to my surprise, I heard back the next day with Ola offering to meet me on Friday. I haven’t had much success in reaching out to people, so I was really pleased that Ola was so responsive. With this good news in mind, I enthusiastically called my mom.

Now, some context. I don’t normally share details of my life with my mom, because I find that I usually don’t receive the response I am hoping for. Despite this, my mom and I are very close, but I find it hard to share some aspects because she is not the most receptive person. But I was really happy today. And wanted to share this. So I called her and told her. Much to my dismay, she questioned whether I was making the right decision to pursue marketing in the food industry. Whether it would okay for me to Uber downtown to meet someone I’ve never met.

parents are hard to discern

I know mothers have that innate reflex to make sure their kids are always safe above anything, so I should have been more understanding, but I also thought my mom would be more excited for me? I don’t know. Parents are so strange. You love them, but it’s hard to grasp why they do the things they do somethings.

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