The True Person Underneath the Crazy Stories

Mary is honestly one of the most impressive human beings I have ever met. Training as an ROTC, majoring in BME (a notoriously hard major anywhere but especially at WashU), and having an active social life, Mary watches TV until the early hours of 3AM only be woken up a few hours later by a floormate to attend ROTC training. She has some of the craziest and wildest stories I have ever heard, which explains Mary’s lack of judgement towards people. “Honestly, whatever you think is bad, I’ve probably already done it. Or something worse.” Despite the transparency in her “disorderly” actions, Mary rarely reveals deep, intimate details of herself. Continue reading “The True Person Underneath the Crazy Stories”


Atypically Typical NorCal Boy

Always down for a game of spades at 2 AM, AP sleeps an abnormally small amount but manages to bounce back the next day with the same overflowing energy. Laid-back in both personality and work ethic, AP is very much a characterization of Californian stereotypes. Fittingly, his comfort food is something you can only get in the sunny state and surrounding regions. Continue reading “Atypically Typical NorCal Boy”

Drabby Rainy Days

Springtime in St. Louis sucks. As an Alabamian, I am used to nearing 80 degrees weather with a mild breeze in the air, but instead, I am greeted with rain, mud, and really uninviting weather conditions. Also, the rain is not the type of rain you can avoid with an umbrella. First, there’s side wind, which wreaks havoc on my umbrella (I’m on my 3rd one right now) and soaks me no matter which way I hold my umbrella. And second, it’s drizzling, which means putting an umbrella up is a hassle but not using an umbrella leads you to getting completely drenched. Continue reading “Drabby Rainy Days”

Cooking as a College Student

With the limited amount of space and utensils, it’s really hard to cook in a college dorm. At home, I have the comfort of using various pots and pans and specialized knives for specific types of food– all things I never even thought about. Honestly, buying groceries is a hassle too. My mini fridge gets filled after a gallon of milk and pack of carrots, how am I supposed to store ingredients for something as simple as an omelet? I simply don’t have enough space for eggs, peppers, spinach, and carrots. Continue reading “Cooking as a College Student”

Not Sharing is Still Caring….?

Veda is from Wisconsin and always protests the cheese in St. Louis. The cheese on the pizzas, the cheese curds at our campus grocery store…they will never live up to her Wisconsin cheese quality. Despite her love for cheese, her comfort food is something that is a bit more reflective of her Indian heritage. Continue reading “Not Sharing is Still Caring….?”

Caring is Sharing Kenkey

Asheley is a Ghanaian from New Jersey. She pronounces her “waters” as “wu-otters” and prefers lactose free milk despite not being lactose intolerant. Although short, her height is often overseen because of her bright and infectious laughs and funny comments. She is a great dancer and is involved in an African dance group on campus. On most days, she will eat pizza, because she does not prefer much else. But on occasion, she will branch out and eat a salad or pasta. Her favorite food goes back to her African roots and is called kenkey. Continue reading “Caring is Sharing Kenkey”

Abuelo’s Arepas

Rachel, like many millennials, is a big proponent of memes. One of her best qualities is finding humor in any situation, and rarely is she in a bad mood. She maintains a “cool as a cucumber” attitude all the time, which is both amazing and impressive. During fall break, I stayed at her house for a few weeks in a suburb of Chicago with her parents, aunts, cousins, and grandma. Even though I was only there for a few days, the family dynamic was so compelling; eating dinner and breakfast together most days, the Colombian custom of kissing family members on the cheek as a greeting, tía and abuela always making sure we had enough food to eat and at least two coats before heading out the door. Food, both the process of making and aftermath of eating, is a big part of Rachel’s family; her favorite dish is a Colombian food called arepas. Continue reading “Abuelo’s Arepas”