Just Go to Bed

For the past few days, I’ve been going to sleep really late. I’ve probably gotten a total of four hours of sleep in the past two days. I’m not saying this to brag, but rather to bring attention to something that I hadn’t originally given much thought to. Going to sleep late ultimately leads to more stress and affects my eating habits. I end up waking up later than usual and missing breakfast. I end up rushing to get my work done and become more stressed out. My entire day’s schedule gets fucked up.

This morning, all I ate was a packet of goldfish and half a packet of instant oatmeal. I say half, because I forgot I left it in the microwave and it boiled over spewing most of the oatmeal onto my microwave dish. This was around 11 AM. By the time my classes were finished at 4:30PM, I was so hungry I physically could not move.

nutritious breakfast, I know


When I don’t get enough sleep, my brain feels like mush, and I feel overall gross. I become sensitive to every part of my body; I feel my belly and back fat jiggle slightly as I walk, and I feel my acne become more apparent than usual. My eyes look particularly small, and my clothes appear as if they are just thrown on my body instead being carefully assembled.

In college, I am so inundated with work that I actually enjoy doing that I forget to take time to sleep and eat. As cheesy as it is, this week has helped me understand that while working is important, sleeping more than a few hours per day will activate my prime productivity level.



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