Originally, I started this blog to emulate this student at my school. He’s smart, very accomplished, and writes blogs every day that offer tips on how to succeed in the business world. He writes about his experiences with working at startups and networking; every post is very insightful, unique, and very much him. As much I enjoy writing random blog posts, I think I need to find one topic that I will mostly write about and stick to it. So. I’m choosing food.

Here’s the general idea. I’m going to write about recipes. I’m going to write about people. And I’m going to write about food. Most of these posts will consist of mini interviews where I ask friends and random people about a favorite food and why it means so much to them. This should be fun. So here goes.

Julia Rifkin is one of my six suitemates. We are both first years and live in Myers. She is majoring in mechanical engineer but was originally BME (dropped out of the BME program during orientation so before school even started). Julia has slightly wavy dark brown hair and green/hazel eyes. She usually dons an oversized sweatshirt, leggings, and light grey Converse. Her favorite foods are pasta, Goldfish, frozen peas, roasted seaweed, and Trader Joe’s Plantain Chips. Although pasta is one of her go-to foods, she doesn’t like getting it in BD (Bear’s Den/ dining hall on campus), because she ate it every day during the first few months of school and is now tired of it. So, the only thing she actually enjoys eating now is the potstickers from the DUC‘s (another dining hall on campus) Chinese station.

“My favorite thing to eat is my mom’s summer pasta. It reminds me of summer. And I eat massive amounts of it. We add fresh tomato, corn, basil, tomato sauce. It’s served cold. You add the sauce, while it’s cold, to the pasta while it’s hot. I would go to the farmer’s market with my families to buy ingredients for the pasta. Once, I was really full but decided to take a huge 3rd helping. And right after I ate it, this girl I knew but didn’t really know called me. ‘We’re short on players. Come play [soccer] with us.’

I was sick the entire game.”

what Julia’s summer pasta looks like. minus the corn

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