Culture of Foodies

We currently live in an era where people who take pictures and videos of food for their Instagrams get paid hundreds of dollars. On Facebook, there is a plethora of cooking videos floating around, looking for unassuming Facebookers to trap. This interest in food wasn’t always the case, and most people are still wondering what led to such a fascination for videos of melting cheese and gooey brownies.

I think everyone grew up watching food, whether it be from watching your grandma make her famous chicken and dumplings or chatting with your dad as he grills steak on the 4th of July. There’s some element of comfort attached to watching people cook, because we grew up seeing it. Places like Food Network just take this type of cooking to the next level. Shows like Iron Chef where top chefs are placed in high-stake situations trying to produce amazing dishes fascinate viewers like me who enjoy watching quality food that I could never replicate or even eat being made. Regarding the food-obsessed blogs and Instagrams, I think people are simply interested, because most people like aesthetically pleasing things and pictures of avocado toasts are strangely appealing.

food porn

Seeing how far the food culture has come, I wonder what will happen in the future? Will food bloggers and tv shows still be popular? Or will this foodie culture die down and become a thing of the past? Or will this further develop? While I have some assumptions, I’m glad it’s here and hope it stays put– at least for some time.




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