My Kind of Water

I remember hating the taste of water. I generally was not a fan of fizzy things, so sparking water was not up my alley. It wasn’t sweetened like Sprite, but it didn’t taste good. It tasted like water, but the added gas made it significantly worse.

During the summer after 2nd grade, my family went on a 40 day trip to Europe; we traveled to various cities and countries, visiting as many famous museums and landmarks as we possible could. Because my family was quite low on money at the time, we usually ate one meal at a nice place and then at cheap Chinese establishments. While the local foods and markets and monuments were enticing, one of the most memorable things about Europe was its lack of solid water and the people’s inclination towards sparkling water.

Fast-forward to my sophomore year of high school. My mom began to drink Perrier and somehow got me addicted. Something about drinking flavorless, sparking liquids sounded appealing, especially when I was really bloated and needed to let some gas out. I introduced sparkling water to my teachers and classmates, promoting the product as much as possible. My cello teacher especially heeded my suggestion and found Lacroix, a naturally-flavored sparkling water drink. She told me to try the coconut flavor, insisting that I would really enjoy it.

The next day at Whole Foods, I purchased a whole box of the coconut flavor and finished the box that same week.

I’m still not really sure why I like sparkling water so much. It’s definitely an acquired taste as many of my friends don’t understand why anything fizzy shouldn’t contain buckets of artificial flavoring and sugar. Maybe it’s my secret desire and passion to live the life of esoteric Europeans, because drinking fancy-ass Lacroix does help me feel that level of pomposity. It honestly might just be the simple fact that I hate drinking regular water because it tastes so bland and drinking this helps. Who knows? As long as I get my daily H2O, I’m fine.


(For the record, my favorite flavors are now Pamplemousse and Peach/Pear)

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