Marilyn Chicken

When Kayleigh’s dad had his first incident with cancer, Kayleigh, like most kids, did not take it easy. Being an incredibly introspective person, she attributes these series of events to her feelings of isolation from her family and inability to fully integrate herself into her family. With her family being so focused on her dad’s cancer and other problems surrounding this, she found herself spending less time at home to distance herself from these misfortunes. However, she remembers one specific food that alleviated the pain of her dad’s cancer and made staying at home a bit more bearable: Marilyn Chicken.

Neighbor Marilyn and her husband Bob are known for holding mass block parties for the neighborhood. When Kayleigh’s dad’s cancer broke out, she brought over her famous chicken, enough to feed 20 people. She also brought over her recipe. In Kayleigh’s household, they call the dish Marilyn Chicken; it’s basically chicken marbella. Marilyn adds prunes, olives, and sage and dark meat chicken. Kayleigh says the chicken is a little sweet, tender, juicy. She eats it with plain white rice and adds vegetables on the side. From then on, Marilyn made the dish whenever Kayleigh’s dad was sick with Kayleigh’s mom soon picking up the recipe.

“To me, it’s really comforting. It just tastes really good too, but it reminds me of good times. Marilyn is really sweet, and this dish always reminds me of her. That’s why we call it Marilyn Chicken.”

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