Restaurant Review: Alon’s Marketplace

Enter, and you feel like you’re in a quaint little indoor French market. There’s a nice outdoor eating area before you enter filled with people drinking sparkling water and eating fresh-made sandwiches with brightly colored kale salad. The store is lit in a warm amber hue giving off a casual, welcoming vibe. It’s nice here. The store is not big by any standards, but every crevice is packed with little goodies.

Breathe, and you smell the freshly baked breads. On the right of the entrance, there is a bakery section with loaves of rustic French bread casually lying on its side piled on top of each other. The croissants are appealingly placed at the very front of the reflective glass as if to beckon you towards them. And they should. Buttery, flaky, with a slightly crispy outer layer, this is what a croissant should always taste like. Pair this with a latte and you’re golden.


Behind the bakery is an uncommon and often overlooked sight. Two wooden shelves with a dozen rustic metal dispensers filled with artisan balsamic vinaigrette and olive oil line the wall. Blood orange infused olive oil seems like a questionable choice, but who knows? Maybe for the olive oil enthusiast/collector, this is what they have been searching for.

Walk from the bakery and you pass the metal pizza oven sizzling with hand tossed pizzas ranging from the classic margarita to their special order of Pecorino, potato, Gorgonzola, slight sprinkle of garlic, a few leaves of arugula, and Bresaola. You then come to the prepared foods, which may come across as typical grocery prepared foods but are so much more. With over 40 selections, you can come every day for lunch for a week and pick three different items every time. Crab cakes, Ahi Tuna, Caprese salad, chickpea salad– anything is possible. The wine selection is decent, not big and a bit pricey, but worth looking at. Being underage, I often am limited to food but will make my way over to the wine when in the right mood.


Finally, finally. You basically have toured most of Europe and even touched on Asia. A vibrant multitude of traditional candies, baked goods, artisanal foods encompass you. Enticed? I would say so. It’s surprising to think that there even exists such a place in Atlanta, but there is. I recommend you go visit on a nice sunny day, order some crab cakes and kale salad with a plain and chocolate croissant and some tea or coffee, and grab a seat outside. Yes, that’s a lot of food, but don’t worry. You can thank me later.

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