Review: Jeni’s Ice Cream

It has been said the best time to eat ice cream is during the winter time. Whether or not this is true, cold weather should never deter anyone from stopping by Jeni’s Ice Cream. With its bright orange sign bringing you into the store, the warm smells of fresh made waffle cones should be enough to entice you to one, stay, and two, order at least two scoops of artisan ice cream.

my family with our tasty confections

Originally from Columbus, Ohio, the ice cream parlor now stretches across seven states. The store does not offer a wide selection of flavors, although there is a decent amount. With flavors ranging from the classic Salty Caramel to the scarcely found Bangkok Peanut, there should be something to satisfy your palate. Aside from the frozen yogurt and sorbets, Jeni’s ice creams are generally on the thicker, milkier side.Despite the strange names of Intelligentsia Black Cat Espresso, they taste better than the average ice cream, having a consistency similar to cream cheese, only lighter and colder. Made from fresh ingredients, known for it’s creative flavors, and frequently located near a college, Jeni’s is a popular place for college students, families, and young ones. The lady standing in queue grumbles slightly saying, “This place is so damn good, but there’s always a line. Full of young college hipster wannabes.”

this guy makes waffle cones, all which are great




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