A Twist to a Southern Girl’s Meal

Without being melodramatic, Mira is one of the most interesting people I have ever met. Smart, funny, and witty, she was the “Mayor” (equivalent of high school president) at my former high school and in charge of various clubs, all while maintaining good grades, an active social life, and a professional piano career. While growing up in Alabama with two moms has not been easy in any way, Mira does not let this minute detail deter her from pursuing anything she has wanted.

Having grown up in the south, I expected her comfort meal to be something of the southern norm– green bean casserole, grits, corn pudding. Much to my surprise, she picked something that is not common in the south: Singaporean Yellow Chicken Curry.

“I think my go-to meal would be my mom’s curry. My mom grew up in Singapore (mom’s parents were missionaries), so she grew up eating it and makes it whenever I come home [from college]. She doesn’t make it spicy too. It’s just yellow chicken curry with rice and toppings served buffet style. Mango chutney, almonds, bananas, that kind of stuff.

For me, it’s more the feeling of comfort I get from eating it. We actually have some in the fridge, she made it last night. I remember eating it at my grandma’s with my cousins. We would sit at the table and put the toppings on a “lazy susan” (a spinning thing that allows people to family-style food without getting up from the table. just turn the lazy susan and scoop your proportions). I remember really enjoying being around the table with family eating good food.”

Never would I have thought that a white, southern girl would attribute an Asian curry as her comfort meal. That just goes to show how much people, even those you think you know well, can surprise you.


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