We All Scream for Ice Cream

Anisha has always had a high affinity towards desserts, particularly chocolate flavored ones, so it came as little surprise when she claimed ice cream to be her comfort food.

“I like ice cream, because obviously I would eat it at home a lot. But there was a deal on Tuesdays at the Baskin Robbins where ice cream was a dollar or something, so Tuesdays after school, my mom and I would go to Baskin Robbins and chat. My family is really big on desserts and ice cream, so we would often go out and try new ice cream. This was kinda like our way of being adventurous with food (they are vegetarian).

My favorite place is Rori’s, but I think I should also mention Baskin Robbins just because I’ve been there so many times. Honestly, I like any flavor that has chocolate in it. At Baskin, I would usually get the mint chip or the cotton candy. My favorite would be the bubblegum flavor, only some stores had it though, because as a little kid, I wasn’t allowed to have gum and [the ice cream] came with little pieces of gum. I felt really rebellious.”


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