I Got it From my Mama

Kristen recently came back from a trip to Seattle and Vancouver where she traveled with friends to various restaurants and ate more than her own weight in a single week. However, Kristen’s young and healthy metabolism grants her the freedom to pack as much food into her stomach without it showing.

Her favorite food happens to be cookies, more specifically her mom’s chocolate chip toffee cookies.

“My mom is a really good baker, but she’s not a good cook. Every week she made the same thing, a casserole? She always made an American dish with chicken and potatoes. The one thing she did really well was baking. Her cookies, in particular.

I would come home from school and the house always smelled like cookies. She taught me how to bake in elementary school. We made these graham cracker cookie things and I would bring them to class. I would always watch my mom bake and try to learn what she was doing.

Whenever I go to basketball games or events, she would bring a box of cookies to share. So everyone knew my mom could bake well. Haha, she really enjoyed the compliments too.

Our freezer is basically cookies, especially during Christmas. My mom baked boxes of the cookies and stored them. She basically bakes 24/7. I think this is how I got into cooking and baking, from watching my mom make these cookies. My brother and I learned to make these too.

I think food is really comforting in general, because it makes people happy. I mean, no one is really upset or sad when they eat.”



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