Alan Cookies

Alan, a senior with some seriously smart genes, is a foodie. He specifically travels to visit renown restaurants and enjoys cooking and baking whenever he can. He has spiky black hair tinged with brown and red highlights at the tip and wears rectangular, black glasses. Always smiling and never too serious, his comfort food is a tribute to his childish, youthful side and is fittingly called Alancookies.

“It’s not a name I deemed myself, it came from other people, I swear. I stole the recipe, it’s not original.

This cookie basically started my social life. It’s how I made friends. In middle school, I went to a new private school, and, you know, I was chubby, had a bad haircut. People made fun of me. I ate alone. I used to bring ribs to school, and no one told me I had sauce all over my mouth. It was on my mouth the entire day until the janitor came over with a napkin and wiped it off for me!

My uncle, we’re not actually related, made me these chocolate chip cookies one day. It was really good. There was a bake sale at school, and my mom and I decided to make these cookies. It was the first thing I had ever baked.

At the bake sale, they were the first things to sell out, because they were homemade and not store-bought like everything else. And they taste good. Everyone thought I was so cool! So I just started bringing them to school, for bake sales and just to hand them out. I offered cookies and basically everyone came to me.

This would happen for a long time, even through high school. Sometimes, I brought them to class just for fun. People would always want to be my friend. Even now, I still make them.

This cookie is also what led me to fall in love with cooking and baking. I bake a lot, my freshman year of college, I baked a few days every week (he has a kitchen aid in his room!). I also cooked for my first girlfriend (who he met in BME class after she asked for his help on homework).”

Alan told me later that the process of making the cookies takes too long, so he hasn’t made them in a while. But even now, as he pulls up a picture of the cookie on his Instagram, it’s obvious how much these chocolate chip cookies, whose recipe he stole from his uncle, mean to him.


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