Childhood Bisteks

Introspective joker, Martin perfectly epitomizes the characteristics of a WashU student. From the sunny state of California, he often states how much he dislikes St. Louis weather for its unpredictability and perpetual state of rain, cold, and gloominess. Although Martin is someone who thrives in perfect weather, he enjoys WashU, especially the philosophical and contemplative talks he shares with his friends at 3AM. He attributes his rational and analytical self to a particular dish called Bistek.

“My go-to is called Bistek…It’s like a beef steak but Filipino. Actually, it has Mexican origins. The dish feels like home to me. My mom knows it’s one of my favorites, so whenever I was feeling down or something and wanted to surprise me, she made it.

She made it when my family was all living together and when we ate together at the same time. It reminds me of these times. I remember just sitting at the table and my mom and dad having very political talks and opinions, which largely influence my opinions today.”

marinated in soy sauce then fried. often made in a skillet!

Here is a recipe Martin approved as accurate!

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