Atypically Typical NorCal Boy

Always down for a game of spades at 2 AM, AP sleeps an abnormally small amount but manages to bounce back the next day with the same overflowing energy. Laid-back in both personality and work ethic, AP is very much a characterization of Californian stereotypes. Fittingly, his comfort food is something you can only get in the sunny state and surrounding regions.

“Oh, I love In-N-Out burgers. The best burger. Actually, when my dad came for Parent’s Weekend (a weekend in early September where parents are invited to campus to watch a cappella concerts, football games, and attend other school events with their kids), he brought In-N-Out. I mean, it was 8 hours soggy but still good.

Oh, so you’re gonna like this story. When I got my permit, my dad and I would drive there and drive back, which was like a half hour or 40 minutes total, and we would chill and eat. It was a once a week thing.

I order the same thing every time: the Number 1 with raw onions, grilled onions, whole grilled onions, and no tomatoes. That’s important— no tomatoes. I also get a medium root beer, no ice.

I only have positive memories associated with the dish. Wait, actually my dad got hit by a car when he was holding my order. It was a gentle tap but still. It reminds me of California, because it’s region specific.”

double cheeseburger with regular fries

Just as I was about to end the interview, AP yells and says, “Wait! I just thought of something else, get this in there.

Every morning, I have the same breakfast: 2 microwavable waffles, 3 microwavable bacon strips, and 1 egg (sunny side up).

The eggs came a bit later, but I’ve been eating the other things for a long time. It’s just a good way to start my day. Because when I wake up, I have that nasty wake up taste in the morning, and the food gets rid of this.

My wake up routine before school is always the same, and this breakfast has been a part of me for at least 10 years. Honestly, for as long as I can remember.”

I didn’t even know microwavable bacon was a thing





Pictures website:      -> bacon, waffle, eggs       –> burger      –> bacon



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