The True Person Underneath the Crazy Stories

Mary is honestly one of the most impressive human beings I have ever met. Training as an ROTC, majoring in BME (a notoriously hard major anywhere but especially at WashU), and having an active social life, Mary watches TV until the early hours of 3AM only be woken up a few hours later by a floormate to attend ROTC training. She has some of the craziest and wildest stories I have ever heard, which explains Mary’s lack of judgement towards people. “Honestly, whatever you think is bad, I’ve probably already done it. Or something worse.” Despite the transparency in her “disorderly” actions, Mary rarely reveals deep, intimate details of herself.

“My favorite dish is my mother’s broccoli cheese casserole. It’s basically broccoli, cheese, and rice. To any Thanksgiving, or Christmas, or Easter, New Years, 4th of July…any family gathering, literally anything, that is what she makes. And on special occasions.

She knows we like it, because it’s a comfort food for [everyone in my family] so she makes it a lot. It’s always there, no matter what occasion. It’s always been at every occasion. The first Christmas that I can remember, it’s the only literal food I have had. I remember it so well.

It’s probably the food that I’ve eaten the most, maybe, maybe. That might be stretch. It actually might be potatoes.

The dish just has a lot of good family memories, and it tastes really good.”

This is the entire reason I write the blog. I enjoy hearing stories and then finding a way for a bigger audience to be able to read about them as well. Mary has been my suitemate for more than a semester, but I barely know anything about her other than what everyone else already knows. This blog’s purpose is to reach out to people and hear about their comfort foods. Asking about comfort foods isn’t a very typical question, but I think it’s an interesting topic. You can really find out about who a person is through their relationship with food.

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