College Woes: Stealing Food

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The Good and Bad Parts of Blue Apron

I have been receiving Blue Apron orders for some time now, so I now feel like I’m at that point where I can fairly critique it. Blue Apron is essentially (read more about it on my other blog post here) a subscription-based food service where you pick which meals you want to eat/cook online and they will ship you all the ingredients necessary to make it. Everything is organic and locally sourced so the ingredients are good quality, and it is priced at 60$ per week for 3 meals that can serve two people.

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Woes of Being Lactose Intolerant

Like many Asians, I am lactose intolerant. Not extremely, but consuming large amounts of dairy will force me to frequent the bathroom. Unfortunately, hubris got the better side of me, and I consumed a strawberry lassi, a “smoothie-like” drink made from yogurt. Yogurt. A few hours later, shit literally hit the fan.

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