Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Sam, from Upstate New York, plays the cello. He comes from a fairly music-oriented family as his mom, dad, and sister have all been somehow musically trained.

“My [older] sister used to do ballet at night, so we could only eat dinner when she was done, which was around 9. It’s weird to say we ate dinner at 9 or 10, but for me, it was normal.

My parents would always make pasta, because it was easy to make. By the time I got to middle and high school, I had eaten pasta literally every day. I was so sick of it. I used to tell my mom my body was ‘40% pasta sauce.’ I physically could not eat more pasta.

But now, when I go home, the only thing I want to eat is pasta. I miss it so much. And I never get it here, because it’s not the same. I can’t believe I used to hate it.”





Picture website:

https://www.budgetbytes.com/2016/07/pasta-5-ingredient-butter-tomato-sauce/   –> pasta

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