Cool Cobalt Hair and Traditional Chinese Duck

Daring and a little bit crazy at all times, Phoebe is one of the coolest people I have yet to meet. She exudes confidence with her cobalt blue hair and her out-of-this-world fashion. Before her newest hair decision, it was a bronzy gold color. Flashy, but not obnoxious. And that’s Phoebe. She is Chinese-American but doesn’t embody the “shy” or “mousey” characteristics usually associated to her ethnicity. She, quite literally, does not give a fuck. I mean, she plays the viola (the butt of every orchestra joke, in case you didn’t know), so you already know she can take criticism. Despite her wild acts, she chose a dish that reflects her roots.

“My favorite dish is this duck with a spicy dipping sauce my dad makes. It’s a Chinese dish. The duck is boiled, so it’s really, really tender. And it doesn’t have a lot of flavor, but it’s a little bit spicy with the sauce. And a little bit sour. Whatever.

He always makes it, and it’s my favorite food ever. Whenever something important happens or I get an award for something good, he always makes it. It’s so good, oh my gosh. Just whenever we’re celebrating something, he makes it.”


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