Miss You, Mom

I’m sorry I haven’t written for a while. This is a shitty excuse, but the last two weeks have been really rough, especially the past few days. For business school students, this has been hell week with back-to-back midterms and, the culmination of it all, case competition on Friday. Case Competition is basically where students are grouped along 3 or 4 other students, given a company, and asked to identify problems in the company and come up with innovative solutions. Basically, like a consulting company.

It’s been a stressful week. I remember when I was home, whenever I was stressed, my mom would make something comforting, like stew or soup. No matter the outside temperature, if I were stressed out, nothing is better than a nice warm bowl of food.

God, I really miss my mom’s food. I know everyone does, and it’s just a part of college– missing the comforts of your previous, much simpler life. I think about how great of a cook she is and how I will never achieve that level of cooking. Whenever I have a stomach ache, she makes rice porridge called jook (죽); in the summertime, she makes a special type of kimchi that has a more gazpacho-feel to it, except it’s made of radishes and has a clear broth (물김치). It’s called mul kimchi and literally means “water kimchi,” because the dish is so diluted with water and usually does not have any addition of chili flakes. It’s the best dish for the hot days; it cools you down so quickly.

I even miss poached eggs. I can make them here, but there’s something different about the ones my mom makes. Maybe it’s because she makes them, and I’m usually too lazy to do it.

I always miss my mom’s food, which is why I’ve been carefully rationing the foods she brings when she comes visit. This week has been tough, and there’s nothing more I’d enjoy than a good home-cooked meal.





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