Cold Stone and Car Crashes

Good-humored and friendly, Matt is a St. Louis native now living in Sunny California. He enjoys working out every day and is often seen crouched over his laptop working arduously.

“Grilled chicken with wild rice and green beans. It’s a staple in my family, with Italian salad dressing. On the side, we have taco salad. We add this Chipotle Mayo dressing, ground beef, lettuce, salsa, tortillas. One time I tried to help make the salad but I ripped the handle off of the salad spinner. Bad times.

I also really like cold stone ice cream. When I moved to California, I had no friends. My dad has celiac, so my doctor told my family to eat gluten-free. Except my mom.

So we would always go to Cold Stone every weekend, my family and I, because…I don’t know, they had less gluten in their ice cream or something? When I started getting more friends, we would always go there.

One Saturday night, there was a sign on door that said, “This location is now closed.” Oh man, that was so bad. I had so many good memories, including a car crash. I was pulling out of the car spot and a mini van hit me. It’s the mini van’s fault.

So, basically I had a dismantled car, but I had ice cream in the backseat.

My go-to is chocolate and cake batter and cookie dough. When I was gluten free, I had chocolate, cookie dough and m&ms.

The place probably shut down because the workers were high all the time.

Those were sad days.

Now I have to drive to Pasadena.”

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