The Workings of a Scientific Mind and Pasta

Jason n: the nicest, most genuine person on planet Earth.

The first thing you notice about him is his personality. He embodies the perfect shade of yellow– bright and positive. Whenever you have a bad day, Jason will be the person to pull you from the seemingly desperate pit. Jason is a pre-med student at WashU. Because of his interest in the medical field, he has a scientifically-inclined mindset. He analyzes the “why” behind any course of action, trying to dive into the psychological aspects of the situation. Despite this complicated mindset of which I will never be able to comprehend with my limited interest in sciences, Jason’s favorite dish is relatively simple and focuses more on the uncomplicated memories and feelings associated.

“My mom’s spaghetti. She would make it for me all the time before swim meets. I just remember my parents being so supportive and encouraging for me before my meets. My dad was always just telling me to eat, that I deserve it. And it tasted so good, haha.

The pasta is associated with memory of my dad being so supportive and encouraging. My dad and I are really close, yeah. He’s my best friend.

The pasta’s kind of the long normal type of spaghetti. You know. My mom’s been making it since I was little. I’ve eaten this dish in such frequent intervals, I remember easily eating it since I was little. Like, a whole big mountain of spaghetti just piled up.

If I eat it now, it’s the same as 10 years ago. I think this shows how a lot of stuff changes. Like throughout the years, we all change, but when we all sit down at the dinner table, I get the feeling that nothing’s really changed since elementary school. Setting the table with 5 plates, 5 forks, 5 cups. It’s the same every time. It’s such a homey dish.”

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