Pretending for the Pretentious

Sometimes I pretend to know things when I don’t.

I know some people do this for the sake of the conversation. Asking what something is in the middle of a conversation can interrupt the flow, but most of the time, people do this, because there’s such a stigma surrounding asking questions. Especially if they are about relatively simple, “common sense” things. Honestly, what is common sense? At large, it is a phrase that encapsulates the general knowledge people have, but knowledge is so subjective. So, what the fuck is common knowledge.

Yeah, being nice, noticing social cues. Things like that. But when I first came to America, I didn’t know what Xanax was. I asked my friends, and they all flipped out. “Oh you’re so innocent how do you NOT know what Xanax is?!”

When did it become such a problem to ask what something is? When is it socially acceptable? When will I not get judged?

Why do I care?

I shouldn’t. Why sit in silence, unable to grasp the full essence of a conversation when I don’t even know the topic at hand? Who cares if people judge me? I need to just ask.

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