Anything Stir Fry

Wendy is a business student at WashU.

She has a double major in marketing and psychology, two areas of study that often overlap. Always interested in meeting new people, Wendy is especially skilled at analyzing people, what their interests are, who they are, what they are passionate about. One thing Wendy is passionate about is eating. She’s good at cooking too but would prefer eating any day.

“I love my mom’s food but especially her stir fry which is just egg with tomatoes. This is the first dish that I learned to cook from my mom. I was really ambitious so the summer after middle school, I had a notebook. I would take notes whenever she cooked. I wrote down every step of the meals, every ingredient. And this dish was the only thing I was able to hands-on practice. All the other recipes I forgot, but I only remember this one because I practiced it.

And this book is now nowhere to be found. And I had 30-50 recipes, step by step.

This dish is the most basic thing to eat at home.  We’d always have egg and vegetables, and when she doesn’t want to go shop, she’d put everything together and cook

I cooked it for my friend during spring break too. It’s really easy but so good and comforting.”

Like almost every comfort meal, it’s simple. But its simplicity is why it’s so great.



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