Ramadan Pastries

Extremely caring evident from his concern towards everyone, Yaseen is not the typical friend everyone has, but rather the friend everyone wants to have. His favorite word, probably not but given the amount of times he uses it in a single conversation, is “dope” and he eats the same salad every lunch: mixed greens, croutons, red onions, black olives, and balsamic vinaigrette (I’m sure I forgot certain ingredients, but he’s very particular). Pious towards both religion and family, Yaseen’s favorite food connects these two most important factors in his life.

“Samosas…but my grandma’s. So, she’d make the regular ones, but the ones I like are puff pastry. She puts ground beef in them and then bakes them in the oven. They are super buttery and just really nice.

I’m not sure why but they always remind me of home. Especially, the smell for sure.

Whenever [my family] go on trips, she’d make a whole bunch of them, so we can eat them later. It sucks being so far from home, because I can’t eat them. [My grandma’s] such a sweet lady, I really miss her.

Every Ramadan, she bakes them. We fast the whole day, and then the last hour we’d smell them. And, I don’t know, the whole process [of fasting] feels so much more worth it. For me, the smell reminds me of being at the dining table with the whole family.”


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