Gushing with Sentiments

On Wednesday, an organization I am a part of put on an event called “B School Pre-School.”

We bought Gushers, Goldfish Crackers, Welch’s Fruit Snacks, Capri Sun, Animal Crackers, and other various snacks that were somewhat reminiscent to our childhood. We even had color pencils and markers with a plethora of coloring pages, so students could channel their inner artist and color dutifully along the lines. The whole point of the event was to 1) allow students to relieve themselves of accumulated stress, 2) help students work towards Freshman 15, and 3) provide activities to help students think back on their simpler times, when coloring outside the lines and not buying the right Capri Sun flavor were the biggest issues. For one student in particular, this brought back memories of her “rebellious” childhood.

“These Gushers really remind me of my childhood. My mom was really strict on buying unhealthy snacks, and whenever we’d go grocery shopping, I would ask for Gushers. Obviously, she’d say no.

So whenever I went to my friend Natalie’s house, I would eat so much unhealthy food like Gushers and Oreos. She had this babysitter who was super cool and really lax. She’d take us to grocery store and buy us Gushers and white bread.

We would go to the park and eat the Gushers and feed the bread to the ducks.

Yeah, that was really fun.”

After hearing her story, I remember my own experience with Capri Sun and Gushers and Goldfish. My parents tried to eat healthy and would often force me to do the same. Thus, my mom made most of our snacks and we hardly ever bought goodies from the store. Whenever I wanted Oreos and Gushers, I would mooch off of my friends. I’m sure they hated it.

That’s over 10 years ago. I think that’s so crazy. I turn 21 in a little over a year, and my younger cousins are about to graduate high school. I remember when they were born?! I don’t want to turn this into a cliché “let’s reminisce about the past and how hard life is now and whatnot blah.” It’s simply that I haven’t thought about these memories in a while, and it’s funny how eating one blue Gusher accompanied by a Tropical Punch Capri Sun can evoke so many memories. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Gushing with Sentiments”

  1. It’s amazing how fast time flies once you reach a point where you start realizing the changes around you and inside of you. It is somehow saddening but don’t you sometimes feel a little sense of content and pride when you look back and say: “wow, I came through that.” ❤


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