When in Miami…

Like many Miami Latinos, Paul talks with the thick, distinct accent that can be heard across the room. Slight lisp, a mixture of an American accent and Spanish maybe? He really misses the Miami sun, often complaining about how cold and disgusting St. Louis is. Another thing he really misses, like every college student away from home, is his mom’s cooking.

“I really like tacos sopa de tortillas, which is basically tortilla soup. It’s just tomato soup with tortilla chips, avocado, and queso de oaxaca.

But there’s this salad that we make. It has heart of palm and little chopped up baby corn with a sauce called maggi. It tastes like buffalo sauce and lime.

You know, I live in America, so I don’t go back home (Mexico) often. And it’s really easy to forget that part of me, so this dish brings me closer to my Mexican heritage.

My mom usually cooks. I have made it with her and also by myself, but it’s usually her who does most of the cooking in our house.

My mom made it whenever we had a weekend off. My brother and cousin would go to the pool and just mess around and my mom would bring the salad out.

That was so nice, dude. That’s a perfect day in Miami.”


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