Late Night Munchies

Mission Taco’s Happy Hours is one of my favorite things ever. As a college student, I am often hungry at 10 PM but feel no desire to head to the dining hall to eat the same foods I always eat. It’s nice to venture off campus and go to the nearest Mission Tacos where I can snag a taco for $2 during Happy Hours.

Yesterday, my friends and I left campus to fill our stomachs with cheap tacos. We’d been preparing the entire day, some of us not having eaten at all. We get to the front, only to face a long line of about 20 college students who had a similar mindset as ours. I brushed past the issue of a long wait and marched to the waiting service where I asked to put my name on the list for five people.

“Sorry, we’re closing at 11 tonight for water checkup and can’t put anyone else on the list.”

My heart dropped.

After a week of studying, I had looked forward to this all day. The looks on my friends’ faces after I relayed the message reflected my thoughts too. Where do we eat now, at 10:30 PM on a Thursday night in St. Louis?

We decided to head over to Pi Pizzeria, because it was the only place open and at that point, we were so hungry we didn’t even care.

Sat down, ordered right away, and waited for our pizzas.

While we waited, we obviously talked. The friends I invited to the eat were all people I knew but didn’t necessarily know each other. I didn’t know what would happen going into the restaurant; I thought our conversations would lag, be awkward, have no substance.

But to my surprise, I found that my friends had more to talk about than I realized. We talked about favorite foods, mutual friends, career interests (two of my friends wanted to become actuaries??)…etc. And when the pizzas arrived, our conversation shifted to comments on how great the pizza was or in one of my friend’s case, how much he hated cilantro because it “tasted like soap.”

The pizza wasn’t even that great, mediocre at best for a whopping 19$. But our adventure from getting turned away at Mission to our long trek to Pi allowed 4 previously unfamiliar students to become friends. It’s funny to think that unfortunate situations and eating food can help bring people together.


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