Last Week

Today is the last Monday of my first year at WashU. Here is a brief overview:

  1. Arrived to St. Louis after 8 hours of driving on August 23, a Tuesday. Moved in Wednesday and attended orientation the next day. Parents left Sunday. 😦
  2. First day of classes ever: August 29th. I remember feeling so lonely. Everyone already knew people and I hated my floor, and I felt really excluded from my suitemates, both racially and interests-wise.
  3. Then things started turning around. I met Nydia, reunited with my SOAR friends, become closer with some of my suitemates.
  4. October 15-18: went to Chicago with Rachel during Fall Break where I stayed at her house, met her family, ate amazing home-cooked Colombian food, and visited her twin sister at Northwestern.
  5. Oct. 28-30: parents came for parent’s weekend but I had a MGT 100 test and a math test the following week, so we couldn’t really see each other 😦
  6. November 18: my birthday, my birthday party with Grace and Wendy. One of my favorite memories thus far 🙂
  7. Dec 21: last final. flew home at 3 PM. End of first semester.
  8. Jan 11: Wendy came to Atlanta for the remainder of winter break.
  9. Jan 18: first day of spring semester.
  10. March 12-18: the first few days, I spent spring break in Atlanta and the rest in Pasadena with Anisha. We ate so much and I have so much gratitude for her family.
  11. March 24: Rachel’s birthday party. So many mistakes I will forever regret.
  12. April 15: impromptu Chicago trip with Wendy. so fun, so much good food.
  13. April 16: EASTER! 😀
  14. April 24: Today, last Monday of spring semester.
  15. May 6: leave for Atlanta
  16. May 7: leave for Singapore

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