The Good and Bad Parts of Blue Apron

I have been receiving Blue Apron orders for some time now, so I now feel like I’m at that point where I can fairly critique it. Blue Apron is essentially (read more about it on my other blog post here) a subscription-based food service where you pick which meals you want to eat/cook online and they will ship you all the ingredients necessary to make it. Everything is organic and locally sourced so the ingredients are good quality, and it is priced at 60$ per week for 3 meals that can serve two people.

Here is my rundown of the Pros:

  1. Convenience

You pick your meals, and they send you every single ingredient (aside from salt, pepper, and olive oil). But they send you the garlic, chili flakes, and other small knick-knacks. It doesn’t get any easier.

2. Good ingredients

As mentioned before, they try to get most ingredients from local farms. This supports local businesses and promotes good ingredients, which are two things I firmly stand for.

3. Basic cooking

Because they send you the ingredients and the recipe, it’s very, very easy to cook. I did not know how to cook before Blue Apron, but I am now so much more comfortable handling food and cooking.

4. “Exotic” ingredients

You learn to use ingredients that you normally would not use in everyday cooking. For the catfish katsu, we used blackened, roasted garlic. I didn’t even know that was a thing?!?!


Now, here’s a list of the cons:

  1. Expensive

Blue Apron, for a college student, is pretty expensive. But also for a company that sends food overnight and uses mostly local ingredients, the service is cheap. I wonder how they make money?!

2. Portion size

Portion size is not big, but it’s not bad either.

3. Limited choices

My biggest complaint about BA is that I can’t choose whatever foods I want. There are specific, predetermined combinations of foods that I have to choose, which is frustrating when I want the catfish katsu, rice bowl, and udon. I see why they do it though.


Blue Apron is a service that I have mixed feelings towards. It’s not bad. But could be significantly improved. I don’t know if I will purchase it again.


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