College Woes: Stealing Food

We all know it. College is notoriously deemed as a place where we have be on our guard at all times, making sure we don’t leave our stuff anywhere. People have a habit of wandering hands, and you have to keep yourself accountable. This can be applied to any scenario, but right now, I’m talking about food. Food that I kept in my living room, in a fridge. More specifically a tub of ice cream. A $15 pint of Jeni’s Almond Brittle Ice Cream.

I bought it to reward my floor during our final week of freshman year, as a treat during the stressful finals season. I bought it Wednesday and put it in our living room fridge, because my freezer was too small. Saturday night, having spent all of Friday setting up bike racks and carrying tables for hours in preparation for the school-wide music festival, after a long day of working and walking almost 18 miles, I expected to open the freezer and be greeted with the welcoming presence of my favorite ice cream. But no. It was gone. My ice cream wasn’t there. My pint of delicious, frozen treat was gone. Someone had eaten it.

I was devastated.

I have a good idea of who took the ice cream, but this problem is bigger than my ice cream getting taken. It’s the problem of taking accountability and being brave and a decent, courteous human. If you make a mistake, you own up to it. You say sorry and learn from it, fully understanding that you will do whatever you can to never make the same mistake.

This person has done this several times. She feels nothing when she takes other’s food. Why?

I know it doesn’t help to dwell on my already eaten ice cream. I should look at the bigger picture. I only have two finals, I am almost done packing, I have decent grades, I have amazing friends, I am about to fly home in less than a week. But these little things build up. And I’m so frustrated. Frustrated that people have told me, “We only have a week left of school. Just let it go.”

Why should I? Why should time factor into this person’s lack of common decency and simple mannerism? Why should there ever be an excuse to teach people general courteousness?

I don’t understand.

I don’t understand why anyone would have the audacity to take other people’s food.

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