It is the 3rd week in a series of multiple tornados and severe thunderstorms. The weather is constantly gross. Whenever the sky allows for a tiny amount of sunshine to peak through, everyone savors the warmth by laying out hammocks on Mudd Field (giant field in the middle of campus) and preferring to eat outside. However, those days are long gone, and everyone remains indoors safe from the wind and the rain.

It is currently 45 degrees. Compare this to the 70 degree weather we faced in mid-January. It was honestly warmer in the wintertime. Call me crazy, but I think it’s GLOBAL WARMING.

Yes, I know the Midwest is notorious for its bipolar weather, but these weather conditions are not only apparent in St. Louis and surrounding cities. Weather problems are emerging everything; the melting of the icebergs at the North and Soul Poles, the droughts in Central and South America, the increase in fires in California caused by the perpetuating dry weather.

It infuriates me that some people choose to not believe the facts and instead grasp onto their deeply embedded religious claims and beliefs on the weather. The climate changing has nothing to do with the Bible, it has everything to do with science and obvious observation.

Why are people so accepting to blinding following outdated theories? Is it a question of intelligence, a matter of persistence that time cannot revolutionize their perspectives? Why is healthcare, the most basic concept, not readily available to everyone? Why should a parent see their child suffer in the hospital, because he/she was born with a pre-existing condition?

The once far away clouds I saw in America’s future are gathering closer and closer together. To beat the storm, we need to come together and stand together. The storm is coming.

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