How to Overcome Writer’s Block

Writing a blog everyday is not easy. Granted, there are much harder things to do, but daily postings have led me to face something I have rarely faced: writer’s block. Basically, I will sit at my computer screen for a few hours, contemplating what I should write about. It shouldn’t be this difficult though, given the blog is more like a journal than something I want to explicitly share with the entire universe. But it’s true and very real. And it’s a hard thing to overcome. I may not be the best writer or most creative individual, but there are a few approaches I use to overcome this mentality. Here are three ways I try to overcome the block:

  1. Write about whatever the fuck you want. Because when it comes down to it, you’re writing for yourself and no one else. It shouldn’t matter who reads it, as long as you write something that’s relatively meaningful to you. Don’t give two shits about other people’s reactions to your essay.
  2. Formulate a random list. I have a list of random words and topics in a notebook, and when I come across the block, I refer to the list and come up with new topics to write about. It may not be the best blog post, but it gives me something to get my creative juices flowing.
  3. Use a general template for your blog posts. This is most likely the easiest thing to overcome the writer’s block. Many of my blogs are interviews, me asking friends and strangers what their comfort foods are. You know exactly what to ask and what to write about. Easy.

Obviously, there are many other ways, but there are just some things I find myself gravitating towards.

Let me know if these are useful/ what you use to overcome the block. I’d love to hear about it.


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