328 Katong Laksa

Laksa is the quintessence bowl of Southeast Asian comfort.

328 Katong Laksa has been around for some time. Not this location in particular but the restaurant itself Katong Laksa. Head up straight to the register and order a few bowls of laksa and some “freshly” squeezed lime juice to follow. While you wait, take a look at the walls. There’s a mural of pictures on one side with some of the food industry’s most famous and notorious food critics: Andrew Zimmern, Anthony Bourdain, and Gordon Ramsay. Not even two minutes after you order, the food is ready.

It’s simple, with a mere plastic spoon for utensil and a hot sauce packet if need be. The broth is coconut-based, so it’s milky white with dots of chili oil floating around the top. The noodles are thin and short, cut into pieces so that you only need to spoon them into your mouth without using chopsticks.

Take a sip of the broth. Very coconut heavy, mildly spicy with hints of lemongrass. A sweet seafood flavor is evident as well. While some may choose to add the packet of hot sauce, I recommend you don’t, because the focus of this dish is on the noodles and coconut broth, not the spiciness.

Grab some strands of noodle. They are so small, they will easily slide down your throat. Try the oysters and clams that are in your bowl. And within a matter of minutes, just as soon as the bowl came out, your laksa will be emptied into your stomach. Piping hot till the last minute, you have just finished your perfect bowl of coconut noodles.

Gordon Ramsay and newspaper articles about the chain.
the best bowl of Laksa I’ve ever had.
not freshly squeezed, but a good accompanying drink.

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