Hammocking in Cambodia

Cambodia: hot, rainy, humid, dusty…loves to hammock.

In America, there is a new fad: hammocking. Across universities, hippies and nature-enthusiasts rave about Enos, the popular company that sells good quality, portable hammocks. They are a favorite among students and campers.

I never really understood the whole fad until I came to Cambodia.

If you think America is really into the whole hammock scene, come to Cambodia. It’s hammocking to a whole new level. Tuk tuk drivers all carry one and sleep in their carts during the middle of the day when business is slow. All restaurants have some, so customers can enjoy their meals and then take a quick nap in the cool shade rocking on a woven hammock before they set out in the sickening heat. Even Angkor Wat had a bunch, allowing tourists and locals to rest for a bit.

It’s nice. Because Cambodia is so hot, locals really seem to like taking short naps, and the best and most convenient way to do so is on a hammock. I’m inspired to buy one for myself.


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