Vietnam Foods- Cau Lau

Across Vietnam, there are the staple dishes that every region sells—pho, banh xeo, spring rolls. But every region/city also specializes in one or a few specific dishes. Hoi An specializes in Cau Lau.

Cau Lau is a noodle dish. The noodles are thick and similar to udon in appearance but bouncier in texture. It’s not really broth-based and instead has a light ladle of broth/sauce at the bottom of the bowl. The broth is slightly meaty, made from pork simmered for hours, and has a nutmeg/star anise taste to it. The toppings are the typical vegetables (i.e. mint, cilantro) and nice slices of pork and big chunks of pork cracklings.

Sweet, salty. Add a few scoops of the chili sauce, and enjoy the umami taste.

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