Career Questions

I’ve been reading a lot of profiles lately of people I look up to. J.K. Rowling’s profile in The New Yorker is particularly memorable. Ian Parker is somehow able to analyze every bit about her– the fact that she wears little to no makeup, how she sits, what she puts in her tea.

Obviously, Rowling is best known for her Harry Potter series, but aside from that, there’s not much the general public knows about her. Her most active social media page is her Twitter page where she is known to feature her feminist agenda, much like her Hermione-played actress friend Emma Watson. This interview focuses on her new book Casual Vacancy along with slight insertions of Harry Potter and her life in general.

These little insertions prove to be the most interesting parts of the essay, places where I can draw a line between J.K. Rowling: public figure and famed author, and J.K. Rowling: an outsider and “normal” person (what makes a person normal anyway?). Who she portrays herself as to readers and fans is most likely different from who she really is.

It makes me question how well I know my friends and if who they really are is what I see or if it’s all an act.



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