I Remember

There’s a writing exercise that I did in my Writer’s Workshop class during my senior year of high school. We write a “poem” with every sentence starting with “I remember.” There is no right or wrong way to do this. Each sentence is as haphazard as my thoughts.

I remember when I lied about being rich in 2nd grade.

I remember I told everyone that I came to school in white limos.

I remember my friends believing and then doubting me.

I remember Dad telling me we were too poor to buy Haagen Dazs at the airport.

I remember playing doctor with my mom.

I remember her falling asleep every time we played.

I remember her three miscarriages.

I remember my ignorance.

I remember my life being full of contradictions and oxymorons and ultimatums.

I remember on my 13th birthday, I wanted to run away and live on my own in the woods.

I remember my 14th birthday when I could call someone my best friend.

I remember the next year when everything was gone.

I remember seeing my childhood friend at camp.

I remember seeing her ignore me and talk to other people.

I remember going down an abyss unable to find the thin rope to pull myself out.

I remember people calling me fake and controlling.

I remember when they called me Dictator Daun.

I remember smiling for the sake of others.

I remember being alone.

I remember being surrounded with memories instead of reality.




Sorry this is diverging from what I promised to write about. I have a lot to get off my chest, and exposing myself to the Internet is something I believe can help.


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