Cardigan was too porous to keep me warm. I was really cold here (Hong Kong)

Hey, my name is Daun, pronounced like Dawn.

For a long time, I had my entire life planned out; I had an excel sheet that literally listed everything I would do for the next ten years of my life. Then came first semester of college, and I realized how unhealthy this was. Life should flow organically and planning so far in advance prohibited me from enjoying some of the more spontaneous things in life.

Second semester of my freshman year, I enrolled in a class called food journalism, taught by famous food critic and James Beard nominee Joe Bonwich. I always had a fascination with writing and food, but it never occurred to me to put them together. Joe often said that it doesn’t matter if the writing itself isn’t the best, because creativity is more important.

So, I created this blog. I write every day about food, restaurants, family recipes, or whatever is on my mind. But the most important reason I started is because I wanted to share my passion of storytelling. I go around asking friends, family, and complete strangers what their favorite comfort food is and why it’s important to them. With the growing interest in food porn and the cultural media’s representation of food came the decline in interest towards cooking and the preservation of traditional, comfort recipes. Before these stories disappear forever, my goal is to go around and curate as many as possible.

Some quick facts:

  • Attend Washington University in St. Louis (2020!) and studying who even knows? my major and minors change on a weekly basis
  • Very into traveling, Whole Foods guac, running, and reading food books.

A final word from the editor:

I’m young and still don’t know what I want to do in life. I enjoy writing and going on long runs and hearing about people’s soul foods. For me, at least right now, this is enough.