I mentioned I’ve been reading Michael Pollan’s book Cooked. In his section about air, he eloquently captures how air plays into bread along with the history of the beloved carb and the scientific elements that explain how bread is formed. Continue reading “Bread”


East Coast Ngoh Hiang

Nestled near Singapore’s famous Arab Street, East Coast Ngoh Hiang is old, slightly dirty, not air-conditioned, humid, and tightly cramped with locals both new and old generation– basically the common characteristics of a good local restaurant. Continue reading “East Coast Ngoh Hiang”

Purple Pig

When I think of tapas-style dishes that use pretty conventional ingredients in an unconventional way, I think of the Purple Pig. Located conveniently on Michigan Avenue, or more commonly known as Magnificent Mile, many customers are tourists who travel up and down the street all day slowly tearing a hole in their wallet and stop by for a relatively inexpensive meal.

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After walking about 48 minutes from the Greyhound Station, I am obviously hungry. Having stayed up all night to catch a 3 AM bus to Chicago where I couldn’t comfortably situate myself to sleep, I am also tired and a bit annoyed at my frugality for wanting to walk instead of taking the metro or taxi. I pull on the door and am instantly transported to a small Italian marketplace.

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