Muffins of Panorama Mountain

“When I was growing up, I would go skiing a lot. Like, I would miss about 50 days of school, no lie. Every thanksgiving, I would go to British Columbia Panorama Mountain Resort. I’ve never really had a traditional Thanksgiving, because I always went to Panorama. Continue reading “Muffins of Panorama Mountain”


Family’s Comfort

My aunt is an amazing person. First, she’s given birth to three kids, which is incredible in and of itself. Second, she quit her job to take care of her kids, which is hard for anyone to do. Third, she moved to Singapore when her husband’s work required the family to move. And lastly, she is one of the most sympathetic people I know.  Continue reading “Family’s Comfort”

Mass Producing Good Food

An avid math enthusiast, John’s favorite and most used quote is, “Ugh, I just love math so much” or something along those lines. He plays soccer on the WashU Men Club Soccer Team and enjoys taking long runs in Forest Park. His go-to meal is the carvery wrap offered at WashU, found at the Law School Cafe and Holmes Lounge, so consequently he frequents the two places for lunch as often as he can. Continue reading “Mass Producing Good Food”