Gracias Madre

What is the typical L.A restaurant? Clean, minimal, chic, modern. It most likely serves gluten-free and vegetarian-friendly versions of meals or is simply vegan. Relatively economical, tasty, and, of course, vegan is Gracias Madre. Continue reading “Gracias Madre”


I Came Out a Changed Woman

Today, Saturday March 18, 2017, at 3:27 PM marks an important, historical, monumental moment in my life: my first time at In-N-Out. Continue reading “I Came Out a Changed Woman”

We All Scream for Ice Cream

Anisha has always had a high affinity towards desserts, particularly chocolate flavored ones, so it came as little surprise when she claimed ice cream to be her comfort food.

“I like ice cream, because obviously I would eat it at home a lot. But there was a deal on Tuesdays at the Baskin Robbins where ice cream was a dollar or something, so Tuesdays after school, my mom and I would go to Baskin Robbins and chat. Continue reading “We All Scream for Ice Cream”

A Twist to a Southern Girl’s Meal

Without being melodramatic, Mira is one of the most interesting people I have ever met. Smart, funny, and witty, she was the “Mayor” (equivalent of high school president) at my former high school and in charge of various clubs, all while maintaining good grades, an active social life, and a professional piano career. While growing up in Alabama with two moms has not been easy in any way, Mira does not let this minute detail deter her from pursuing anything she has wanted.

Having grown up in the south, I expected her comfort meal to be something of the southern norm– green bean casserole, grits, corn pudding. Much to my surprise, she picked something that is not common in the south: Singaporean Yellow Chicken Curry. Continue reading “A Twist to a Southern Girl’s Meal”

Review: Sul & Beans

After a heavy meal of burgers, truffle fries, and crispy onion rings at Umami Burger (read my review here), my friends and I decided to walk around the Grove to free up some space in our stomachs. A brief 10 minute walk later, we realized exercising was a lost cause and decided to call an Uber and head to Koreatown for some bingsu. In Korea, a popular summertime snack is a finely shaved ice dessert called patbingsu (팥빙수) or bingsu (빙수) for short. It may not be sunny in most parts of the U.S. (have you seen the blizzard pictures recently? It’s actually insane. Climate change is real, everyone. read more here), but it’s warm and perfect here in Los Angeles– the best weather for bingsu. Continue reading “Review: Sul & Beans”

Review: Umami Burger

Sure, the name Umami Burger is a bit pretentious (umami is a Japanese word that most similarly means “savory”), but this is Los Angeles and most everything is a little bit like so. According to the website, Umami Burger is all about creating a culinary explosion in your mouth with some “serious umami flavor bombs.” Then below, it says, “What does that mean?” Yes, what does that mean? Continue reading “Review: Umami Burger”

Review: Pastaria

The first thing I noticed was the collage on the back wall of the restaurant towards the open kitchen. More specifically, I noticed the slightly askew yellow painting that stood out from the rest of its perfectly aligned neighbors. It was a portrait of a cute little chef holding a round bowl in one hand and a spatula in the other. It seemed to be beckoning me into the restaurant with its cheeky grin and slanted angle. Continue reading “Review: Pastaria”