Picante Arabesques

Anything purchased at Whole Foods is either a hit or a miss. The overpriced water with asparagus sticks floating around? Definitely a miss. The super overpriced guacamole that I could easily make at home? Probably the best thing Whole Foods makes. With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, there is a plethora of pink and red decorations throughout the store. I walk over to the little corner in the store that sells eccentric goods, all organic of course, pertaining to the spirit of love and cupids. While I did not plan on buying expensive, hand-crafted, fancy, gluten-free, organic, whatnot chocolate, I could not resist my sweet tooth and curiosity as I purchased the item. “Bayou Style Country Chili Dark Chocolate Bar,” the label read. “Vine ripened cayenne peppers.” Continue reading “Picante Arabesques”


Review: Jeni’s Ice Cream

It has been said the best time to eat ice cream is during the winter time. Whether or not this is true, cold weather should never deter anyone from stopping by Jeni’s Ice Cream. With its bright orange sign bringing you into the store, the warm smells of fresh made waffle cones should be enough to entice you to one, stay, and two, order at least two scoops of artisan ice cream. Continue reading “Review: Jeni’s Ice Cream”

Restaurant Review: Alon’s Marketplace

Enter, and you feel like you’re in a quaint little indoor French market. There’s a nice outdoor eating area before you enter filled with people drinking sparkling water and eating fresh-made sandwiches with brightly colored kale salad. The store is lit in a warm amber hue giving off a casual, welcoming vibe. It’s nice here. The store is not big by any standards, but every crevice is packed with little goodies. Continue reading “Restaurant Review: Alon’s Marketplace”

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Last night, I flew home from WashU. Despite landing around 11 PM, my mom and I stayed up till 2 AM talking.

The next day, I woke up around 12 (which I have never done and was surprised I could even accomplish this level of “college student”) and drove to the mall to do some damage with my mom. On the way back home, I told my mom about this blog and decided to ask her what her favorite meal was.  Continue reading “Like Mother, Like Daughter”

Marilyn Chicken

When Kayleigh’s dad had his first incident with cancer, Kayleigh, like most kids, did not take it easy. Being an incredibly introspective person, she attributes these series of events to her feelings of isolation from her family and inability to fully integrate herself into her family. With her family being so focused on her dad’s cancer and other problems surrounding this, she found herself spending less time at home to distance herself from these misfortunes. However, she remembers one specific food that alleviated the pain of her dad’s cancer and made staying at home a bit more bearable: Marilyn Chicken. Continue reading “Marilyn Chicken”

Book OP: A Cook’s Tour

With his ashy-white, unruly hair and loud, unrestrained New Jersey accent, Anthony Bourdain is quite a character. He enjoys the frequent use of expletives, heavy consumption of alcohol, and allusions to his former hardcore life of wild sex and crazy narcotics.

Continue reading “Book OP: A Cook’s Tour”

Ingredients of My Grandma’s Past

During the summers, when I visit Korea, the first place we go to is my grandmother’s house. This is on my mom’s side of the family as both my dad’s parents passed away before I was even born. My grandma is kind of hard to read. She grew up in an environment where showing any emotion resulted in harsh repercussions, and she still embodies that aloofness. Continue reading “Ingredients of My Grandma’s Past”