Culture of Foodies

We currently live in an era where people who take pictures and videos of food for their Instagrams get paid hundreds of dollars. On Facebook, there is a plethora of cooking videos floating around, looking for unassuming Facebookers to trap. This interest in food wasn’t always the case, and most people are still wondering what led to such a fascination for videos of melting cheese and gooey brownies. Continue reading “Culture of Foodies”



Originally, I started this blog to emulate this student at my school. He’s smart, very accomplished, and writes blogs every day that offer tips on how to succeed in the business world. He writes about his experiences with working at startups and networking; every post is very insightful, unique, and very much him. As much I enjoy writing random blog posts, I think I need to find one topic that I will mostly write about and stick to it. So. I’m choosing food. Continue reading “Nouvelle”

Just Go to Bed

For the past few days, I’ve been going to sleep really late. I’ve probably gotten a total of four hours of sleep in the past two days. I’m not saying this to brag, but rather to bring attention to something that I hadn’t originally given much thought to. Going to sleep late ultimately leads to more stress and affects my eating habits. I end up waking up later than usual and missing breakfast. I end up rushing to get my work done and become more stressed out. My entire day’s schedule gets fucked up. Continue reading “Just Go to Bed”

The Obscurity Surrounding Parents

Hasan said yesterday, “You love your parents…but no one really likes their parents. Like no one wants to actively support their dads run for presidency. It’s like if my dad, a guy who tries to return worn underwear to Costco, ran for president, I’d be like, ‘what are you doing?!'” Obviously, he was talking about Ivanka Trump, a smart progressive lady, supporting her dad, someone who embodies every ideal contradicting hers. Continue reading “The Obscurity Surrounding Parents”

Racist Cheetos and Returning Old Underwear to Costco

“Right now, our country is run by a racist cheeto.”

Today, at approximately 7:04 PM, Hasan Minhaj from the Daily Show took Graham Chapel by storm as he flung satire, crass humor, and political comedy into the crowd. Although the event was held on WashU campus, there were more people from outside WashU who came to support Hasan; one girl even drove three hours just to hear him. Honestly, after listening to him today, I think I would too. Continue reading “Racist Cheetos and Returning Old Underwear to Costco”

Life is too short to not enjoy chips

Yesterday, I went out with a few friends to buy some groceries at the nearby Schnucks. When reaching the chips aisle, I asked my friend if I should surrender to my impulse and buy bags of my favorite Late July Blue Corn chips.

“Don’t do it. You’ll regret it later, Daun.”

She’s right. As much as I wanted to, I moved on and ended up buying fresh raspberries and strawberries that were on sale. I feel like my healthy alternatives were influenced by the food choices most of my WashU friends make. Continue reading “Life is too short to not enjoy chips”