The Story of Sarah’s Least Favorite Food

“I guess for me, I don’t really have one food that I like. But you know what I really hate? Pho.” Continue reading “The Story of Sarah’s Least Favorite Food”


Drabby Rainy Days

Springtime in St. Louis sucks. As an Alabamian, I am used to nearing 80 degrees weather with a mild breeze in the air, but instead, I am greeted with rain, mud, and really uninviting weather conditions. Also, the rain is not the type of rain you can avoid with an umbrella. First, there’s side wind, which wreaks havoc on my umbrella (I’m on my 3rd one right now) and soaks me no matter which way I hold my umbrella. And second, it’s drizzling, which means putting an umbrella up is a hassle but not using an umbrella leads you to getting completely drenched. Continue reading “Drabby Rainy Days”

Review: Sul & Beans

After a heavy meal of burgers, truffle fries, and crispy onion rings at Umami Burger (read my review here), my friends and I decided to walk around the Grove to free up some space in our stomachs. A brief 10 minute walk later, we realized exercising was a lost cause and decided to call an Uber and head to Koreatown for some bingsu. In Korea, a popular summertime snack is a finely shaved ice dessert called patbingsu (팥빙수) or bingsu (빙수) for short. It may not be sunny in most parts of the U.S. (have you seen the blizzard pictures recently? It’s actually insane. Climate change is real, everyone. read more here), but it’s warm and perfect here in Los Angeles– the best weather for bingsu. Continue reading “Review: Sul & Beans”

Ingredients of My Grandma’s Past

During the summers, when I visit Korea, the first place we go to is my grandmother’s house. This is on my mom’s side of the family as both my dad’s parents passed away before I was even born. My grandma is kind of hard to read. She grew up in an environment where showing any emotion resulted in harsh repercussions, and she still embodies that aloofness. Continue reading “Ingredients of My Grandma’s Past”