Thoughts on Freshman Year

In my previous post, I provided a very brief timeline of my first year at WashU. I didn’t know, but looking at it, I noticed that I winded down a lot my second semester. Continue reading “Thoughts on Freshman Year”


Childhood Bisteks

Introspective joker, Martin perfectly epitomizes the characteristics of a WashU student. From the sunny state of California, he often states how much he dislikes St. Louis weather for its unpredictability and perpetual state of rain, cold, and gloominess. Although Martin is someone who thrives in perfect weather, he enjoys WashU, especially the philosophical and contemplative talks he shares with his friends at 3AM. He attributes his rational and analytical self to a particular dish called Bistek. Continue reading “Childhood Bisteks”

Review: Pastaria

The first thing I noticed was the collage on the back wall of the restaurant towards the open kitchen. More specifically, I noticed the slightly askew yellow painting that stood out from the rest of its perfectly aligned neighbors. It was a portrait of a cute little chef holding a round bowl in one hand and a spatula in the other. It seemed to be beckoning me into the restaurant with its cheeky grin and slanted angle. Continue reading “Review: Pastaria”

The Boy Who Ran

First impressions are always confusing. You kinda want them to be true. You see someone with this perfect life; they are smart, tall, and run for a division III track team at a high calibre college. But deep in the back of your mind, you know perfection does not exist and everyone has something they hide from the public eye. But it’s there. Continue reading “The Boy Who Ran”

Racist Cheetos and Returning Old Underwear to Costco

“Right now, our country is run by a racist cheeto.”

Today, at approximately 7:04 PM, Hasan Minhaj from the Daily Show took Graham Chapel by storm as he flung satire, crass humor, and political comedy into the crowd. Although the event was held on WashU campus, there were more people from outside WashU who came to support Hasan; one girl even drove three hours just to hear him. Honestly, after listening to him today, I think I would too. Continue reading “Racist Cheetos and Returning Old Underwear to Costco”